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Jayne Norman


Jayne’s Story

Welcome to my website. I am Jayne Norman and I am a fiction author based in Lincolnshire in the UK. My day job was a Teacher/Trainer of IT & Computing up until March 2020.  I now work for the NHS. I decided to leave teaching to free up time to focus on my writing.


In 2013, a cheeky Jack Russell Terrier puppy, called Eddie chose me as his forever parent. He has been my constant companion ever since. We provide each other with unconditional love and Eddie has been by my side through all my ups and downs.


In 2015, I decided to write a daily blog about Eddie's Adventures. This blog has been a great success, gaining almost 6,000 followers, across Facebook and Instagram, at the time of writing this. A few fans suggested that I turn the blog into a book. At first, I thought they were just being very kind. Then, a few more followers and family members suggested the same thing.

I published my first book 'The Adventures of Eddie Lightning: Six Sides to Eddie Lightning and Seven Days in the Life of a Superhero' on 3rd March 2020, in time for World Book Day. My books are written from Eddie's perspective and in 'dog speak', to make it fun, humorous and light-hearted. The first book is aimed at dog lovers of all ages from around 8 years old upwards. The book is also suitable for adults to read to younger children. It focusses on getting to know Eddie's funny character, along with his likes and dislikes.

I completed and published my second book in the series, called 'Shenanigans in the Snow'. This was released on 15th February 2021, again in time for World Book Day. This book is aimed at 2-5 year olds and dog lovers of any age.

My third book in the series 'Antics at Agility' is now available. This book was published on 12th April 2021 and is aimed at 2-5 year olds and dog lovers of any age.

My fourth book in the series 'Laughter in the Lake' is now available and was published in November 2022. This book is aimed at 3-7 year olds and dog lovers of any age.

Eddie Lightning wears a different superhero mask for each adventure that he goes on. His masks help him to find the canine superpowers he needs to survive each escapade.

I write my books under a pen name. I have used a pen name for social media for many years, due to wanting to remain anonymous to the students I taught.

I chose Jayne, as this is my middle name, and when I was a child I loved to say my middle name was 'Jayne', with a 'Y'.  I chose Norman, as this is my late father's first name, who passed away years before I began writing. I miss him so much and hope that he is looking down on me with pride.

I am a member of the Lincolnshire Authors Association and I feel proud to include their logo in my promotional material.

I would appreciate networking with other authors, editors, publishers and reviewers from around the world and would greatly appreciate any reviews of my books.

I am currently writing my fifth and final book in Series 1 - 'Bath Time Bonanza', and also a Christmas Book Edition, so watch this space!

'Laughter in the Lake'

1st November 2022

Jayne Norman is extremely proud and excited to announce that her fourth book in the series is now available. 

This book was so much fun for her to write and brought back many wonderful memories of visits to the lake with Eddie Lightning. 

Jayne and Eddie are looking forward to visiting more lakes to create more adventures as soon as they can!

Cover 4 - Laughter in the Lake.png

"If you don't see the book you want on the shelf, write it!"

Beverly Cleary

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