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Missing In Action!

Apologies for being MIA recently. I’m having to work longer hours in my day job and my mum hasn't been well recently, so this has taken up most of my time. I do hope to be back in action for some exciting times ahead!

I am now a member of Lincolnshire Authors Association in the UK and I’m so excited. This opens up more opportunities for me to get my books out there in my local area. I have a profile account on their website that links to my books and I can use the Lincolnshire Author Logo on my promotional material, which I have now added to my website and social media accounts.

I will be at the next Book Fair that Lincolnshire Authors have organised on 28th November 2021, so if you live in Lincolnshire in the UK, come along to Louth and support your local authors.

Over the last few months, I have been working with some pre-schools by going into read my books to the children. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and the children I have read to, so far, have loved my stories. I am due to go to another pre-school in late November to read 'Shenanigans in the Snow, which ties in with the Christmas theme and winter approaching. I am looking forward to working with these pre-schools again in the future and promote my books to more pre-schools and primary schools during 2022.

I am currently half way through writing my next book 'Laughter in the Lake'. I have aspirations to complete and publish this book, along with my fifth and final book in this first series 'Bath Time Bonanza' by World Book Day 2022. Baring any unforeseen circumstances that get in my way, watch this space!

I can't believe we are in November already and Christmas will soon be upon us. If you would like t0 buy any of my books as stocking fillers for your family and friends, head over to my website shop to purchase my books from Amazon, Etsy or direct from myself if you live locally. Just a reminder, if you do live locally, my books are also on display at The Rock Foundation in Caistor, Caistor Post Office, Clayton's Corner Cafe in Horsham and Hair with Di in Barnetby-le-Wold. I do have other merchandise linked to my books such as Book Marks, Tote Bags, Face Masks, T-Shirts, Christmas Cards, Calendar (currently in production) and postcards.

I am going to start producing newsletters to keep you up to date with future book releases and events. If you would like to receive a quarterly newsletter, please subscribe to my website to receive the newsletters straight to your inbox.

Have a great weekend!

Jayne x

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