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What a Feeling!

Well, today is the day my third book ‘Antics at Agility’ is published. It certainly brings an array of feelings with it. Will people buy the book? Will they like the book? Will they leave a review? Will it be a good review? How do I deal with a bad review?

When I received the notification that my book was live, my stomach did a flip. A flip of excitement and also a flip of nervousness.

At the weekend I took part in a Reiki Workshop which was wonderful and so relaxing. I learnt a lot about self love and self worth, which I know will help me this week to stay positive and believe in myself and my abilities.

‘Antics at Agility’ is another picture book, where Eddie Lightning takes you on a whirlwind adventure at his agility lessons. He will show you how he gets away with mischief, chaos and antics and he will show the love and laughter he leaves behind at each lesson. He talks about his friends that he has met and the ones he would like to meet when he runs off in to the advanced agility class.

I hope that anyone who reads the book can visualise themselves being at these lessons with Eddie Lightning and his friends.

Links to Antics at Agility:

Another big event today is that I am getting my hair cut, following the current Lockdown. Now this is big news, as I haven’t had it cut since the beginning of December. It‘s been a bit of a battle taming my ‘long’ hair for 4 months. Well it’s long hair for me haha.

Hope you have a great day! Believe in yourself! 💜

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