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What a Wonderful Life!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Eddie Lightning and his family moved to a lodge by a Lake in December 2017. We absolutely love this type of living and feel like we are on vacation all year around. It is wonderful to experience the different seasons and the different wildlife that appear throughout these seasons. The wildlife we have seen so far are Canada geese, herons, ducks, rabbits, moles, badgers, foxes, deer and a wide range of birds. The lake is stocked with numerous fish of different sizes. Residents are able to fish on the lake and there are a number of jetties around the perimeter of the lake.

Lodge living is a total change of lifestyle and very relaxing. Downsizing took a great deal of effort, getting rid of items we didn't really need. This forced us to be ruthless, as all we had was a small shed for storage. Lodge living means you don't have a private garden. The lodge is on an open plan plot with grass around the lodge. We chose a corner plot to have more grass for Eddie Lightning. He has an extended lead that goes into the ground, which gives him some freedom around our lodge.

He loves being out on the grass observing his surroundings and getting fuss from the neighbours. We also have a wrap around deck, which Eddie Lightning thinks is his kingdom. He loves to run around on the deck, chasing cars and vans that drive by. He can see right across the development and spends hours watching the birds, ducks, geese and rabbits go about their day. He can warn the neighbourhood when the mail van arrives or any courier vans delivering parcels.

Eddie Lightning has met a number of canine friends since living at the lake. He sees them on his walks and he hears them on their deck. His daily Facebook blog often includes adventures with his friends. You can find his blog at the following link:

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