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Pending Book Releases

Have a look at Jayne's collection of books for future publication.

Bath Time Bonanza Book Cover.jpg

Bath Time Bonanza - S1 Book 5


'Bath Time Bonanza' is the fifth book in 'The Adventures of Eddie Lightning' book series.

The reader will observe the mischief and chaos brought on by Eddie Lightning during his bath times. Eddie Lightning is not keen on having baths and he makes the experience as difficult as he can for his 'hoomans'. 

This book is a fun and light-hearted read for dog lovers of all ages and children between 2-5 years old.


Venturesome Vacations - S2 Books 1-5


'Venturesome Vacations' is the theme for the second book series in The Adventures of Eddie Lightning escapades.

Eddie Lightning will take the reader on a big adventure, travelling around the UK to all the vacation destinations he has visited. He will tell you all about the best doggy friendly places there are to stay, according to Eddie Lightning's perspective. He will also tell you about the best doggy friendly places there are to eat, get fuss and receive treats.

Along the way on this grand adventure, there will be mischief, shenanigans, antics and chaos to observe. 

This book series is suitable for dog lovers of all ages and children from 3 years old upwards.

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