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Oh What a Year!

Hi there,

A big apology for not sending out any recent blogs. My life has been full on for the last 18 months and especially the last year.

I have moved house, changed my day job twice, lost four loved ones and got divorced. I have also been attending lots of craft fairs and book fairs all over Lincolnshire, together with being a guest speaker at a few Women's Institute Groups to promote my books and to talk about my life as an author. New Team Lightning branding has been produced with new leaflets, bookmarks and banners. Some of you may have seen these in my Facebook and Instagram posts.

I published my fourth book - 'Laughter in the Lake' in November last year. I have recently also introduced some merchandise to go with my books, which took a great deal of research in trying to find a suitable wholesaler. Readers and followers can now purchase their own miniature Eddie Lightning toy dog in a choice of six colours, multi coloured miniature dog toys in four different colour combinations, camper vans in four different colours, rainbow pencils with dog rubbers in four different colours, small and large dog key rings and Eddie Lightning masks in four different colours. Check out my Merchandise Shop page on my website for further information and links to my Etsy Store.

I am currently in the process of producing Eddie Lightning's 2024 calendar, new stickers with my new branding and a special Christmas Book edition called 'Christmas Calamities'. All of these items should be ready to purchase by the end of October-beginning of November, and will be available from my Etsy Store, so watch this space!

I have recently created a TikTok account to promote myself as an author and also my books. I have no idea how this will go, as I don't like to hear my own voice on recordings or being videoed. I know there are a number of ways to produce TikTok posts and they don't always need to be videos of me or recordings of my voice to get my message across. This will be very much a work in progress and I hope to improve as time goes on. Any tips and advice on TikTok posts would be gratefully received. You can find me on TikTok under @jaynenormanauthor.

Eddie Lightning is doing fine and he is producing more material for more books with his antics and mischief. He had to have some teeth removed earlier in the year and he made his 'hoomans' pay for it for quite some time, after us subjecting him to a visit to the Vets! Maybe this should be another book idea - 'Vengeful Visits to the Vet'. He still eats his meals in record time, even with a number of teeth missing. Nothing will keep him down for long!

Eddie and I are very much looking forward to engaging more with our followers and sending out more frequent updates on what is going on in the 'Team Lightning' world. If you wish to stay connected, please subscribe to my website so that you receive regular updates.

We are soon approaching another new month. I hope September brings everyone peace, happiness, good health and adventure!

Take care!

Jayne x

Buy Now from Etsy or Buy Now from Amazon Publication Date TBC

"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" - Friedrich Nietzsche, Philosopher

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